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Personnal tracking

With DLM Internationals, each customer and each case are followed by a unique contact person in charge of the complete follow-up of your case. Each of our employees is versatile and responsible for the good treatment of your request. To track the status of your shipment, find out where your merchandise is at a ".T." Moment, DLM Internationals' traceability process allows you to get this information.


DLM Internationals puts at your service its expertise for a suitable transport solution. Our team is equipped to respond to your transportation needs. And to reply to your extremely short deadlines. Specialist in just-in-time delivery, you can contact our team who will do the necessary to find you a promptly transport solution.

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Thanks to our knowledge of the business, the establishment of a network of carefully selected partners and proven processes, we are able to offer a quality services at studied prices.


DLM Internationals is a company based near Dijon in the Côte d'Or (21) area of France and brings its expertise to all of your transport needs throughout France and Europe.

We are road transport and logistics professionals. We will optimise the transport chain from the point of dispatch to the point of delivery of your goods. Our job is to provide you with an optimum service that takes into account your merchandise, your budget and your delivery time constraints as well as all of the logistical features of your transport.

DLM Internationals manages your transport from A to Z.