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DLM internationals

Transport chain specialists

Supply chain specialist DLM Internationals is located in Saint Apollinaire at the entry point to Dijon in Burgundy. Our company manages and optimises the transportation of your goods throughout France and Europe. We are specialists in road transport as well as in logistics, and we will handle your entire transport chain from the point of dispatch to the point of delivery.

Our business is to provide you with professional transport and logistics solutions taking into account pick-up and delivery locations, the type of merchandise you have, timescale constraints, budget constraints and all of the logistical features of your transport so as to provide the very best service.

A team of transport professionals

What makes DLM Internationals so efficient is our dual skillset:

  • INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: our national and international coverage, our network of partners that covers the whole of Europe and our thorough knowledge of each country’s rules and regulations
  • MANAGEMENT EXPERTISE: personalised management of your shipment, a unique contact person, a motivated team of professionals

In order to meet your needs, we take responsibility for your merchandise: we can store it, repackage it and of course deliver it to your consignee be they in France or on the other side of Europe.  If you want us to, we are happy to handle all the relevant administrative formalities.

Our customers come from many sectors, and include small businesses, small to medium sized companies, small to medium sized manufacturers, large organisations and multinational corporations.  Excepting oil products, we are happy to take on all of your merchandise: manufactured goods and materials, construction and building materials, goods related to housing, agricultural merchandise, health and leisure and office equipment, food products and cultural products as well as many others.

Our company provides you with the following services for import and export purposes:

  • A Road Transport service
  • A multi-lingual team: French, English, German, Spanish…

You are welcome to contact us for further information: contact@dlm-internationals.com