Ad Valorem Insurance

You trust us with the transport of your merchandise in France and Europe. Our main goal is to offer you a professional solution for your transport and logistics needs, by taking into consideration the loading and delivery place, the type of merchandise, your constraints and delays, the budget, as well as all the logistique related particularities of your transport in order to achieve an optimal solution.

However, in case of lost or damages to any goods transported, the responsibility of the carrier is governed by the nationals and internationals conventions. Thence, the compensation in case of lost or damages concerning your goods transported might be inferior to its real value.   

We strongly recommend you to subscribe to the insurance called << Ad Valorem >>

The insurance Ad Valorem covers your transported merchandise on the bases of its real declared value.


  • Large covering on all risks
  • Financial protection : your merchandises are refunded accordingly to its value and not by its weight
  • No franchise and a competitive price
  • Non additional formalities for subscription / instant quota
  • Complete supervision of the claim’s file by DLM INTERNATIONALS

The risks covered by the insurance Ad Valorem:

The insurance covers the ensemble of risks of loss or damages as a result of an external cause during the transport including:

  • Damages and accidental loss / goods stolen
  • Natural disaster / strikes
  • Characterized accidents
  • Fires

The items excluded from the assurance Ad valorem are:

  • Vice proper of the goods
  • Expected loss rate of the transports of certain goods such as cereals, liquids, etc.
  • Packaging defects
  • Delays
  • Intangible lost: customs fines, etc.

The cost of the insurance Ad Valorem: a competitive price to insure your goods for its real value

Starting from 10€.  In doing so you will have the tranquility that your goods are insure by its real value.

The price is a rate according to the nature and value of your goods.

The comparison between the contractual insurance’s responsibility and the insurance Ad Valorem

  Goods insured with Ad Valorem Goods non insured by Ad Valorem (RC contractual’s responsibility)
The objective of the insurance It is the merchandise itself that are insured It is the responsibility of DLM INTERNATIONALS that is insured
 What the insurance compensates in case of sinister     The insurance will compensate the totality of the prejudiced goods in the limit of the value insured that correspond to the value avowed.   The insurer will apply for the compensation within the limits of the contract types and/or internationals conventions that correspond to a compensation calculated by € per kg –often the compensation is less than the actual value of the damage  
In case of exemption and non-compensations by the insurance The exemptions are related to the goods itself and/or to a fault by the beneficiary of the insurance (vice-proper, influence by temperature, packaging defects…) The exemptions are related to the possibility of the transporter to proof the absence of his fault (damages related to the goods itself, damages made by a third party, major forces…)

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